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Are you confused about what to eat, how to eat so you can be the healthiest you? Do you crave guidance and support but don’t know where to turn? Is true nourishment your end goal? Created by Culinary Nutritionist and Author of WHAT THE FORK ARE YOU EATING, Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN, Reboot Food™ is an intimate 3 step transformative program where participants are guided and supported through the process of making small changes in food choice that can lead to big differences in health. 

We come in to this world being able to control only one thing, literally—what goes in our mouths. Somehow, somewhere along the way, control is surrendered. Regaining it is the key to real nourishment.
— Stefanie Sacks

For Groups

Branded experiences using cooking as the centerpiece of inspiration, education and transformation.




for individuals

Stefanie works with individuals and families in the comfort of their home to prevent illness and manage health.