Finding Your Inner Action Hero


(Art by Des Taylor)

Reflecting back on family dinners during my adolescent and young adult life, one of my strongest memories is awaiting the inevitable question about world politics from my father. After too many to count occasions of silence, my dad just stopped asking. If I can’t speak intelligently about a topic, I prefer not to and when it came to the wonders of the world in my younger years, keeping my mouth shut was my best option.

Very simply, politics is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level. While it all circles back in some circuitous way to what’s going on in Washington, there is far more to politics than that stereotypical politician—an utter turn off to many. Silly me, for all those years of thinking I was dazed and confused when it came to the goings on of government, I was actually pushing politics. Just in a food kinda way.

Speaking of which, we shouldn’t have to battle for safe, sustainable food, but sadly we are in the fight of our lives—it’s no joke. Whether you consider yourself politically inclined or not, we all have an inner action hero. So I ask that you find him or her to help make a difference. The organizations listed below make it super easy to learn about many of the issues facing food, agriculture and water and even give you the option to get your voice heard. It can be as simple as signing up for alerts and clicking a button. While I appreciate that everyone’s inbox is full, who can say no to being part of the solution? So please check out some of my go-to groups:

  1. Animal Welfare Approved
  2. A Place at the Table
  3. Center for Food Safety
  4. Center for Science in the Public Interest
  5. Corporate Accountability International
  6. Environmental Defense Fund
  7. Environmental Working Group
  8. Feeding the 5000
  9. Food and Water Watch
  10. Food MythBusters
  11. Food Tank
  12. Grace Communications Foundation
  13. Institute for Responsible Technology
  14. Just Label It
  15. National Resource Defense Council
  16. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
  17. Non-GMO Project
  18. Rainforest Alliance
  19. Organic Consumers Association
  20. Union of Concerned Scientists

My inner action hero is Wonder Woman! Who is yours?