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STEP 1 | Recognize

You are what you eat. It’s simple. But at the same time, it’s not—there are many factors that influence food choice. While conscious consumption is surely on the rise, people are increasingly confused. Recognizing that shifting is needed, yet knowing where and how to start is a great challenge.

A gentle edible awakening through discussion and activities, get ready to explore barriers around nourishment and together uncover, peel back, and explore the past and present leading to a healthier future.


STEP 2 | REShape

What is the true meaning of eating healthfully? Everyone’s interpretation is different and must be honored if change is to occur. It’s the small changes that make big differences. Through culinary exploration, education and skill building participants will gain the necessary tools to shift their relationship with food.

A reconnection to nourishment through culinary education and skill building leads to gaining new tools to shift relationships with food. A meet-you-where-you-are approach helps simplify and inspire.


Step 3 | Renourish

Diving into the kitchen for some hands on cooking will give you practical tools to renourish. Stefanie’s goal is to set you up for long-term sustainable success versus failure. Gain the confidence you need to feed your body, mind and soul.

Experiencing food through hands on cooking provides the channel needed to heal and reframe perspectives for long-term sustainable success. Create new habits and rituals that will nourish and renourish.